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Our product
Home of high quality, handmade wooden clothespins

About our clothespins

Our clothespins measure 3 1/2 inches long. They are handcrafted from ash. Ash is a very hard wood which makes it perfect for clothespins. We purchase our wood from a small family lumber mill in the thumb area of Michigan. We take a rough sawn piece of ash and mill it down to the size and thickness we need to start our process. Our clothespins are handcrafted to a very high quality. What really sets our clothespins apart from cheap imported ones made from "mystery" wood is the spring. We use a heavy duty stainless steel spring manufactured here in the United States. No more using four or five cheap clothespins to hang a wet towel to line dry. Our clothespins are tumble sanded and are finished with tung oil, which will not leech out and stain your laundry. If not left outside all the time, our clothespins could last a lifetime. Our pins are also perfect for a variety of craft projects and for countless household uses. Our clothespins are 100% made in USA

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